Two weeks ago found every wedding photographer across the country doing the universal but most secretive “please no rain today prayer”… didn’t work. The short drive from our home in the centre of Chester to Alison’s parents home in Peckforton saw the heavens open, and it stayed that way for the rest of the day. But parts of the prayer got through and at some of the most important times of the day the rain relinquished it’s hold on the day and let off; let me tell you about them and the rest of what was still a fantastic day, with a lot of firsts for us!

Alison’s mum Carol created a great atmosphere welcoming us into her home before we had even parked the car. We found Alison upstairs getting her hair done as the rest of her bridesmaids (her sister Gill and niece Emily) got their make-up done. I set about taking some shots of Alison but just a few so she could get used to having her picture, then left her be for a while as I shot the dress and shoes. Mixing between bridesmaids and bride thereafter so they did not feel too uncomfortable and still had fun.

When it was time for us to leave Alison had booked a wonderful horse and carriage. The rain stopped momentarily just as Alison and the party stepped out. I love the shot I took as they all ran with a soaking wet floor; it was a short operation from the house to the carriage making sure the dress stayed dry, and dry it stayed!

The horse and cart was going to take 45 minutes to get to St Wenefredes Church which was a short 10 minute drive giving us a bit of time with the groom and best man. I always like to leave with plenty of time in hand so I can park and spend some time with the groom; along with establishing some scene shots of the venue and detail shots of the rings, flowers etc.

After the ceremony had finished I stood near the doorway and saw the rain pouring down; I watched as the newly weds raised from the final prayer and started the walk down the aisle, the further they walked the more the sun came through and was shining bright as they walked outside……fantastic!

We made the most of the break by getting the group shots done and headed inside for a few shots in the church, unfortunately this time was cut short and the happy couple left for their reception at the Bickerton Village Hall. As we headed off the heavens opened into torrential rain, I really didn’t envy the poor driver she must have been soaked through!

During our bridal prep I chatted to Alison on how she met Alex and their engagement, it turns out both are very keen dancers and met at dance classes and their relationship grew from there. Knowing this bit of vital information, before the first dance was due; I approached Alex and asked what sort of dance to expect. As he spoke I could feel the excitement grow, the anticipation bubbling and eagerness overflowing, it was definitely a first for me and a joy to photograph.

Thank you Alison and Alex for letting us be a part of your day.

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