Amy & James were booked through their venue the Fishermans Retreat sometimes it’s just too handy having a family member own a wedding venue. I had not met them until the E-Session which made it even more valuable for them to take advantage of the complimentary service.

I am fortunate to be the Fisherman Retreat’s recommended photographer and I look forward to many more weddings there!!! It really is set in the most lush countryside Amy is wishing for a white wedding surrounded by snow.

After a chat and a brew it was time to brave the cold and go for the hours photo shoot, Castlefield is awash with photo delights so it was easy to get started.

Below is a selection of images from the photo shoot. Enjoy! 🙂

VickerstaffPhotography-011 VickerstaffPhotography-010 VickerstaffPhotography-009 VickerstaffPhotography-008 VickerstaffPhotography-007 VickerstaffPhotography-006 VickerstaffPhotography-005 VickerstaffPhotography-004 VickerstaffPhotography-003 VickerstaffPhotography-028 VickerstaffPhotography-027 VickerstaffPhotography-026 VickerstaffPhotography-025 VickerstaffPhotography-024 VickerstaffPhotography-023 VickerstaffPhotography-022 VickerstaffPhotography-021 VickerstaffPhotography-020 VickerstaffPhotography-019 VickerstaffPhotography-018 VickerstaffPhotography-017 VickerstaffPhotography-016 VickerstaffPhotography-015 VickerstaffPhotography-014 VickerstaffPhotography-013 VickerstaffPhotography-012 VickerstaffPhotography-002 VickerstaffPhotography-001

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These are fabulous Jamie

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