Today’s blog post is a special one for me, one of my closest friends (who you may have seen before as a best man at my buddy Richie’s wedding as seen HERE) Old Dickie Double Dumper had a baby girl!

The below photos are shot over two visits, the first set when myself and a posé of friends went to meet baby Iyla for the first time; to give prezzies, have cuddles, make googoo noises, oh and to wish an old man a happy birthday. I stole 15 minutes with the new mummy and daddy before myself and the boys headed off to see England batter Wales in the 6 Nations. Nice.

I enjoyed the first shoot so much; organising a second shoot had to be done!! The next set are a few of my favourites from a devoted bit of time with the new parents and the little cry bag Iyla. To be fair we did keep taking her clothes off and making her cold; I’d probably cry too.

I hope you enjoy the photos and you do a lot of oohs and ahhs as you go through them. Enjoy!





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Sami AKA mummy
You've really captured her in all her many glorious states! Loved doing the shoot and the photos thank you so much again!x
Rich Dawson
Amazing photos that a lot of people will enjoy for years to come.. Especially Iyla on her 18th birthday when she realises she's been swearing at Jamie since she was 18 days old!
    Thanks Rich & Sami. It's a shame however everyone who reads your comment wont understand it's context Rich. I might just have to add the photo now! Haha :)