From the moment Tory and I met Penny and Jeremy and first heard their plans for a Chester Zoo wedding and hearing the story of Jeremy’s proposal we both knew we had to photograph their wedding!

As Jeremy repeatedly stole glances of Penny and they sat closer and closer holding on to each others hands not wanting to let go; we listened to Jeremy’s heart felt proposal, and Penny’s impression of a duck. It’s a long story, but it had us in hysterics as well as lots of ooohs and ahhhs from Tory.

Penny and Jeremy were the first couple to experience our new Engagement session (you can see the pictures here) included in all packages, it was wonderful to see the two of them together the first photo was through no doing of mine other than taking the picture, I knew from then on that the wedding photos would be the easiest I would ever have to take. They just engulf themselves in each other, nothing seems to matter or bother them when they are in each other’s company and we just had to capture that.

The wedding day went as expected, and foretold by our happy couple. A very happy, stress free and joyous occasion where Tory and I were made extremely welcome by all. By building a relationship with our clients (made possible by our E-Sessions) we are able to join the festivities and blend into the crowd, which isn’t always easy with a camera and lens like mine. 🙂

Penny and Jeremy’s family and friends had come from all over the country and world so pinning them down for pictures wasn’t always easy but when we managed to steal them away for a bit; we so enjoyed watching them together, their love and appreciation for each other really is infectious and left Tory and I holding each other close as we left the Zoo leaving the party to continue.

We hope you enjoy the Cuthbert’s story in photos, please do leave a comment with your thoughts.

To view all the photos from this wedding click HERE

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