It is not often I arrive to the brides house before the bride.  Hannah was getting her hair done when I arrived at her parents house for the bridal preparations, admittedly I had misjudged the Easter Bank holiday traffic and arrived a lot earlier than expected, best to be early than late I thought.

Once Hannah and her bridesmaids had arrived I turned my attention from the dress, shoes and flowers, to documenting the make-up process and the fun filled atmosphere. Spirits were high and the nerves from the pre-wedding shoot were nowhere to be seen. I’m sure Hannah will agree and won’t mind me saying it’s always a good idea to have a pre-wedding shoot/eShoot/engagement shoot/connection session (whatever your photographer calls it) before the big day as it casts aside any fears, doubts or apprehensions you may have. Any way enough advice from me, back to the wedding!

I left Hannah and her family to await the arrival of the limos and went to Vale Royal Abbey to get some shots of the room and rings. David had defied tradition and opted out of having a best man and was busy with the registrars when I arrived, so I waited patiently for Hannah’s immanent arrival.

And arrive she did!

The ceremony flew by without any hitches and I was given a great bay window for the signing of the registrar shots, not just the posed but some natural reportage shots that we all love so much. Hannah looked stunning as she looked upon David; as he started his life sentence (his words not mine, he proposed on holiday in San Francisco…….on Alcatraz)

The Vale Royal Abbey is a great location for a wedding, plenty of places for group shots both inside and out and enough places to keep a photographer occupied for hours for portrait shots; I was lucky to have two such sessions with Hannah and David. I hope you like the photos and can I just say: “Thank you for the Easter Egg guys!!!!!!!”

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lovely work
    Thanks Amrit glad you like our work.
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    Thank you for your kind words, we thoroughly enjoy writing about the beautiful weddings that we shoot, and are so happy that our love can be shared with others. Thanks.
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Nice post

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