I love my E-Sessions, I really do. It gives me a chance to meet my couples again and in a relaxed and soothing atmosphere we get to know each other more. I see how how they act with each other behind and in front of the camera and most of all we get to have a laugh and a giggle.

Today’s Engagement Session was no different, we had so much fun; I really enjoyed it. Heather and Gareth are so good together I just know their wedding at Nunsmere Hall is going to be fantastic……but will Archie be there!?!

You will get to meet Archie straight away and what a cutie he is.

Here is a selection from the day’s shoot, just wandering around Delamere finding lovely spots as we went. We finished the day in the pub with a beer and a lovely plate of grub.

VickerstaffPhotography-001 VickerstaffPhotography-002 VickerstaffPhotography-003 VickerstaffPhotography-004 VickerstaffPhotography-005 VickerstaffPhotography-006 VickerstaffPhotography-007 VickerstaffPhotography-008 VickerstaffPhotography-009 VickerstaffPhotography-010 VickerstaffPhotography-011 VickerstaffPhotography-012 VickerstaffPhotography-013 VickerstaffPhotography-014 VickerstaffPhotography-015 VickerstaffPhotography-016 VickerstaffPhotography-017 VickerstaffPhotography-018 VickerstaffPhotography-019 VickerstaffPhotography-020 VickerstaffPhotography-021 VickerstaffPhotography-022 VickerstaffPhotography-023 VickerstaffPhotography-024 VickerstaffPhotography-025 VickerstaffPhotography-026 VickerstaffPhotography-027 VickerstaffPhotography-028

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Lovely setting. The sneeky peek shot is still my favourite x
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