Bridal preperations documentary black & white photograph flower girl getting her hair done

My style? My style’s fighting without fighting – Bruce Lee

My approach to shooting weddings? Each one is new, challenging & shouldn’t be a carbon copy of the last. I don’t have formulas to each part of the day. I don’t go to the venue the day before to choose all the locations & plan it all out. I decide on shots because of the light, because of the way I see it, because of the way it makes me feel.

Black & white wedding reception documentary photograph guests wearing party faces

I love facial expressions; I’m all about humour & laughter, after all weddings are parties (big, expensive parties but parties all the same).  Weddings should be fun, happy, exciting times & that’s what I love to capture!!

I see myself as the narrator of your story; through my heart, eyes & camera. Fleeting looks at each other, kids playing, parents arguing, grandparents napping, drinking games, dance moves & more!

Colour wedding photography couple portrait bride laughing hold new husbands hand

Portraits are a passion too; we’ll pop off for a shoot but not for hours on end don’t worry. I shoot a handful of family photos (8 max) then after I’ve done the details of the room (use that time to get as many canapes & glasses of bubbly as possible) we’ll go for a wander.

It’s kinda posed, but also natural; meaning I find the right light, put you in it and snap away. I try to have one shoot before the wedding breakfast & one after when you’re more relaxed, maybe half cut & the light’s completely different.

My style is a work in progress, it’s evolving, if I were to stop trying to be better at my craft I’d get bored & stagnant. Picasso is a great example, he looked for ways to evolve his work, I’m not saying I want mediocre Citroens named after me but I would love to accomplish what Picasso did.