At the beginning of this month I had the honour of shooting my first birthday party (not my first birthday, but my first birthday party shoot!). It is not something you get asked to do very often and I was very pleased to be invited to this event.

I had not met James directly before but had photographed his cousin’s wedding over two years before and had developed a friendship on Facebook. I was looking forward to the party knowing that there was going to be an Elvis impersonator, some showgirls , a jazz band and a casino….basically a Las Vegas in Liverpool. Brilliant Idea!

After a short 45 minutes spent with the showgirls and some lucky guests I then had free reign to wander the hotel and photograph the night as it unfolded.

I want to thank James for asking me to document his big 3 0.

Vickerstaff Photography  Cheshire and the North West wedding photographer. All copyrights reserved 2011.


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