I recently bought a new 50mm lens so I can go out and about and take some every day shots with out having to carry around my huge expensive lenses. It also has a huge aperture of 1.8 which I just love using. It’s first outing was to get some great depth of field shots of little baby Aaron for a portrait shoot for his mum Jessica (a past bride from two years ago). As you can see in the blog post here it really did a great job and I can not wait to use it more for portrait shoots.

I wanted to make the most of it’s portability so as my close friend Richie was having a small gathering around his place for his 32nd birthday I though it would be a great opportunity to test it out. As usual my having a camera went down like a lead balloon but once the evening got underway I was able to move freely and get some nice moments.

I shot between f1.8 and f4 to get that lovely depth of field and upwards of an ISO of 3200 for a great grain effect. For as little as £80 you can get one of these great lenses which offers superb image quality for such a cheap lens…..I must admit I do really want the 50mm 1.2 L series lens now (well it’s only £1300!).

I have only added a small number from the day I don’t think you need to see the rest!

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