Crosby beach pre wedding photography-012 Well what can I say about Laura & Jon’s pre wedding shoot in Crosby? It was wet….very wet, sandy….very sandy. In fact the following week I was still finding sand in places I thought I’d lost.

Having said that Laura & Jon were fantastic, Reggie was awesome and the Evening ruled!

We met after the guys had finished work; my pre wedding shoots have no set times. Laura & Jon go to Crosby Beach to walk their one year old; Reggie the Cocker Spaniel. We got soaked and covered in sand, Reggie found me great to jump on and it was an absolute blast.

We timed it well, the tide was out and off we went. We soon realised the tide was coming in, and off to the pub we went via a huuuuuuuuuuge puddle.

I’m thinking of making it compulsory to bring a pet to pre wedding shoots. haha. Here is a selection of my favourites. Enjoy!

Crosby beach pre wedding photography-001Crosby beach pre wedding photography-002Crosby beach pre wedding photography-003Crosby beach pre wedding photography-004Crosby beach pre wedding photography-005Crosby beach pre wedding photography-006Crosby beach pre wedding photography-007Crosby beach pre wedding photography-008Crosby beach pre wedding photography-009Crosby beach pre wedding photography-010Crosby beach pre wedding photography-011Crosby beach pre wedding photography-013Crosby beach pre wedding photography-014Crosby beach pre wedding photography-015Crosby beach pre wedding photography-016Crosby beach pre wedding photography-017Crosby beach pre wedding photography-018Crosby beach pre wedding photography-019Crosby beach pre wedding photography-020

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