Today’s sneaky peak is taken from Saturday’s wedding when we photographed the beautiful couple Claire and Sam Pugh. Verging away from our usual sneaky peaks which are normally wedding portraits, this weeks is an image taken during the wedding ceremony.

As we entered the church the priest told us NO PHOTOS; which is not what we want to hear as photographers…at all! So after a bit of cheeky humour and debate he agreed to let us photograph during the 1st and 3rd hymn. Great but not ideal; it gave us the chance to photograph the guests without disturbing them during the service but missed the looks, glances and emotion of the service itself.

Now as we have entered the priests church we have to respect his wishes but also we have been hired to do a job, and one of the most important parts of the wedding day is the wedding itself! So with this in mind and my clients best interest at heart I went about trying to capture a few moments that would be remembered forever……at the same time without getting told off in front of 100 guests by the priest.

The shot below is the result of a few frames fired off as our happy couple took their first kiss as husband and wife. It has received a great deal of positive feedback on our Facebook page and concretes my defiant view, and working more for our couples than a priest who “had a bad experience with a photographer once” 20 years ago!

I hope you like it and would love to hear your views on wedding photography during the ceremony.

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