Last Saturday saw Richie getting married for a second time……to the same lady. Maybe I should back up and explain a little.  Richie lives and works in Bangkok; this is where he met Taln (pronounced Dan) and married her for the first time at the end of March, they then came back to England with Taln’s family for a British wedding last weekend.

From the very beginning  I knew it was going to be a great day; the weather was warm and bright. Richie’s guests turned up an hour earlier than expected and when Richie arrived he had the greatest smile and was in fantastic spirits (despite having to fight for his own trousers, but that’s a story for another time).

Despite certain trouser delays Taln arrived on time in an old Morgan and looked just stunning, with a few quick shots it was time to go in for the service. The guests had nothing but smiles on their faces especially Richie’s mum who was a pleasure to photograph. And before we knew it, we were back outside, usually for me to take some pictures of the happy couple having lots of kisses and cuddles but instead they had to pose for lots of pictures from Taln’s family, which I photographed instead (I’m always happy for new things).  I love setting up the confetti shot especially the isle shot where all the guests have a chance to throw something (quite often cameras and handbags!) at the newly weds; it generates great expressions from all those involved and never looks like any other shots I’ve taken before.

Once all the guests had arrived at Rowton Hall and I’d managed to coax the guests out of the car park and into the rear gardens where champagne was available! I had a small shoot with Taln and Richie in the blazing sun and picturesque gardens then straight into group shots, the first time in a while where the cold and rain had no baring at all (I love the spring!).

The day continued with nothing but laughter, smiles, joy and friendship. I am entirely honored to have had the privilege to photograph Taln and Richie’s second wedding! I look forward to seeing their Thailand wedding photos.

I hope you enjoy the photos please leave any comments or ‘Like’ any pictures that, well, take your liking.

Vickerstaff Photography  Cheshire and the North West wedding photographer. All copyrights reserved 2011.
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