Today’s post is a personal one for me. A week ago I received a rather lovely invite through the post addressed to both Jamie and myself. Inside the envelope was a short note from my good friend Carol.

Now Carol had arranged a jubilee BBQ months ago, so I knew I had to keep the 4th of June available. I was rather surprised when initially receiving the invite, but then I assumed Carol was sending out official invites for her BBQ. However, on reading the first page it soon became apparent that this was not the case! As soon as I read the invite, I was in tears, and I knew I just had to share it with you all. 🙂

It started with this:

“Surprise….Surprise, we are on our way to become Man and Wife, we have planned to have our wedding ceremony on a romantic beach in Florida USA at sunset. We hope you can join us to celebrate upon our return.”

Needless to say, no-one was expecting this!!!! To add that extra personal touch, Carol and Pete even wrote a poem together, which tugged at our heartstrings that little bit more!

“The date has been set and we’d love you to come, To celebrate our wedding, a long way for some, All you must do, is decide what to wear, Then polish your jewellery and comb up your hair, Please find below some information just for you, 

With some rules and regulations, that we both insist you do. Join us in celebration is the very first thing to say, To share the love and happiness in celebration of our Wedding Day.

The second one is vital, if you’re going to be our guest, To eat, drink and be merry, or do your very best. The third one is an order, so don’t bring two left feet, As when the evening comes around you must dance to the beat!

We’ve been together a few years now, and have a lovely home, There are not too many items we don’t already own. Don’t go shopping or get yourself stressed, We want you to come celebrate as our guest. So if your thoughts were on a gift, you presence will suffice,

We hope you come, enjoy yourselves and celebrate our new life as Husband & Wife.”

We went to their BBQ last night, and they were both so happy! Carol said it was just the two of them, the lady vicar and her husband who took pictures of them as they said their vows. (Vows which I might add they wrote themselves, and one sentence in of reading them I was an emotional mess!) The pictures that I have seen are just gorgeous, to them, it was perfection! Pete and Carol had been planning this since last June (the jubilee BBQ was a rouse to make sure people saved the date!!), and managed to keep it a secret from everyone, her family and friends saw her for the first time last night as the new Mrs!!

A HUGE congratulations to you both, Jamie and I wish you all the love, joy and happiness in your new lives together as husband and wife. 🙂

Tory x x

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Greetings from the "lady Vicar." I cannot tell you how excited I am you posted about their invitation and the BBQ. I have been wondering about Pete and Carol's celebration surprise. Their vows brought tears to my eyes, and I promise it wasn't because of the wind! Best Regards from Florida.
    Hi Rev. Ann, Thank you for taking the time to comment! Carol and Pete's surprise was just that, a huge surprise! I do not know how they kept it as a secret for so long. But it was perfect, absolutely perfect, the photos were stunning, no one deserves it more than these two. I can imagine the ceremony itself was beautiful. :) T x
The Bride & Groom (Carol & Pete)
OMG Tory, we have just seen your wonderful post, and yes, the tears are back in our eyes, it has brought back all the fantastic memories of a most special day in Florida followed by another amazing day at the bbq back in UK. An even greater surprise that our wonderful Rev. Ann has picked up on your comments, from so far away. Luv and hugs Mrs Mac :) XX
Awww you guys.. I am so pleased you like it! I meant everything I said, no one deserves it more that you two.. :) T x x x

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