Cheshire has many great venues for weddings and wedding photographers to get their creative juices flowing; Crabwall Manor is a prime example of one of those places with their fantastic grounds and wonderful manor house features.  So we were really looking forward to Brenda and Andrew’s wedding just a few short weeks ago.

We love hearing how our couples meet and Brenda and Andrew’s was a great story. Brenda lives in South Africa and met Andrew by chance on a shuttle bus at the airport after Andrew had delayed his flight to catch a Liverpool game. It was an important Liverpool game! That led to the start of a beautiful relationship.

We are used to our clients being shy in front of the camera and not really that comfortable being photographed and needing a little encouragement but this certainly was not the case with Brenda. You would think Brenda was a professional model; not only being so beautiful but was so at ease in front of the camera that she started providing poses of her own! As wedding photographers we love to have a little time with our couples for photographs; this is usually for 20 minutes or so after the group shots and about half an hour after the speeches, but Brenda and Andrew were so eager for photos we had a full hour with them after the speeches!

Thank you Brenda and Andrew for letting us be a part of your special day. We hope you enjoy the photos.

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Bas Dijkhuizen
These photos are so beautiful, they do not only capture the beauty of Andrew and Brenda as a couple but really reflect the very special and beautiful wedding in Chester. Beautiful compositions, colours and focus!
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