Cheshire Engagement photography – Ffion & Lyndsey

London based couple Ffion & Lyndsey popped up to Chester last week for their Engagement Session. After a catch up over coffee we went for a wander around Chester taking photos as we walked. These two really don’t like their picture being taken but they soon settled and discovered in no time that it’s really not that bad, and even seemed to be enjoying themselves. 🙂

They were great sports and after the shoot I rewarded them with beer as we chatted about the big day. It’s really going to be a great wedding; the venue in North Wales the Llyn Gwynant barns & Camp site is so picturesque…which helps when you want to take pictures all day!

I hope you enjoy looking through a selection of Lyndsey & Ffion’s photos; feel free to comment and share with your buddies!

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