Chester City & River Dee pre wedding shoot portraits – A & J

Black & White Chester pre wedding shoot creative portrait with Molly the Rottweiler dog by Cheshire wedding photographers Vickerstaff Photography.

It’s always a pleasure to get back into Chester for my latest pre wedding shoot (I used to always do them there). Here we are in town on what started out as a freezing Saturday Morning, with a brew to warm us up we set off with Molly in tow to grab some shots around town.

A true diva Molly the Rottweiler did all she could to do the exact opposite of what we asked her to do; UNTIL it was time to lick Jai’s face. A task he reveled in….. or hated completely.

Anna & Jai get hitched next Saturday at Thornton Manor, a wedding that’s going to be a whole lotta fun!

I hope you like the teasers below!


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