Dare – London workshop; growing as a photographer

The art of photography is an ever growing skill and craft; the photographer who thinks they know everything will soon be left behind.

So I decided to go on a workshop. There are thousands now to choose from; it seems to be a photographers sideline so I had to choose carefully. Many out there basically have a couple, set up the shots, tell the delegates their settings and everyone shoots pretty much the same thing for a few hours.  All pretty much in the same style as the host photographer. Followed by “this is how I edit the images”. Not what I wanted at all.

For me I loved the course (I can’t go into all the reasons why; it’s top secret) as I came away with a sense of individualism. I’m on the way to doing things my way; creatively and running my business. It’s called the DARE workshop for a reason, often we were out of our comfort zone, dealing with strangers, doing things many of us hadn’t done before.

The images below no one else took at the course,  they weren’t contrived by Gary or anyone else. For me that’s what a photography workshop should be all about.

VickerstaffPhotography-001 VickerstaffPhotography-002 VickerstaffPhotography-004 VickerstaffPhotography-005 VickerstaffPhotography-006 VickerstaffPhotography-007 VickerstaffPhotography-008 VickerstaffPhotography-009 VickerstaffPhotography-011 VickerstaffPhotography-012 VickerstaffPhotography-013 VickerstaffPhotography-014 VickerstaffPhotography-016 VickerstaffPhotography-017 VickerstaffPhotography-019 VickerstaffPhotography-022 VickerstaffPhotography-023
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