Michelle & Neil’s Chester Engagement Session

Michelle & Neil are getting married in a few weeks at one of Chester’s greatest wedding venues, and fortunately for me a wedding venue that recommends me; the Queen Hotel (you can see past weddings and shoots HERE).

Like all of my Chester Engagement Sessions we met up for a coffee and a chat at the Patisserie Valerie; before heading out for our shoot. Michelle was a wee bit nervous but before long she was laughing away with Neil. As you may have seen; the sneaky peek was taken just a few minutes into the shoot.

Despite my diet it’s always good to use a couples Engagement session as an excuse to treat myself; so off to the Mad Hatters for a drink and a cake…..I had an amazing brownie!

OK here is a selection of my favourites; I hope you like them too. 🙂

VickerstaffPhotography-001 VickerstaffPhotography-002 VickerstaffPhotography-003 VickerstaffPhotography-004 VickerstaffPhotography-005 VickerstaffPhotography-006 VickerstaffPhotography-007 VickerstaffPhotography-008 VickerstaffPhotography-009 VickerstaffPhotography-010 VickerstaffPhotography-011 VickerstaffPhotography-012 VickerstaffPhotography-013 VickerstaffPhotography-014 VickerstaffPhotography-015 VickerstaffPhotography-016 VickerstaffPhotography-017 VickerstaffPhotography-018 VickerstaffPhotography-019 VickerstaffPhotography-020 VickerstaffPhotography-021 VickerstaffPhotography-022 VickerstaffPhotography-023 VickerstaffPhotography-024 VickerstaffPhotography-025 VickerstaffPhotography-026 VickerstaffPhotography-027 VickerstaffPhotography-028 VickerstaffPhotography-029 VickerstaffPhotography-030 VickerstaffPhotography-031 VickerstaffPhotography-032 VickerstaffPhotography-033 VickerstaffPhotography-034 VickerstaffPhotography-035 VickerstaffPhotography-036 VickerstaffPhotography-037 VickerstaffPhotography-038 VickerstaffPhotography-039 VickerstaffPhotography-040 VickerstaffPhotography-041


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