Black and white peaky blinders creative portrait with smoke grenades in Liverpool by Vickerstaff Photography

Peaky Blinders Bar Liverpool creative shoot

Ooooh it was shot some time ago last year but it’s time to show of this awesome Peaky Blinders inspired shoot. Shot in Liverpool at the Peaky Blinders bar with a whole bunch of talented people!

It was the brain child of a friend of mine Caroline from the epic Words to glow so when she got in touch and said lets do a shoot again I said “lets do this thang!” (not really it was a bit more of a subdued “yeah that would be great”).

With the them set, the location sorted we assembled the avengers (otherwise known as suppliers) to create the look we wanted.

Check out a sample of some of my favourites from the shoot below but to see the full list of suppliers and a great write up of the shoot check out the feature on Brides Up North!!!


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