Photography challenge Llandudno Pier North Wales

Llandudno Pier portrait photography-007As some of you may know last year I attended a photography workshop in London called Dare; since then I am part of a Facebook group where we are challenged from time to time. Last weeks challenge was to incorporate patterns, lines etc from the architecture around us.

I asked my fellow friends on Facebook to throw out some suggestions for places to go; I wanted to go somewhere I haven’t been before as I wanted to make the challenge a bit more, well, challenging. I got some great suggestions and plan on using many of them in future shoots. Ffion a past bride and now good friend recommended the Pier at Llandudno.

Tory was very poorly so I decided to take her to the coast for some fresh air, and at the same time grab a few portraits for my challenge.  You can maybe see she isn’t well but she did fantastically for the 20 minutes or so we took some photographs.

Here’s a selection of my favourites.

Llandudno Pier portrait photography-001Llandudno Pier portrait photography-002Llandudno Pier portrait photography-003Llandudno Pier portrait photography-004Llandudno Pier portrait photography-006 Llandudno Pier portrait photography-008Llandudno Pier portrait photography-010Llandudno Pier portrait photography-012Llandudno Pier portrait photography-013Llandudno Pier portrait photography-014Llandudno Pier portrait photography-015



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  1. Love these Jamie. Poor Tory – and she did beautifully. I love the 2nd from the top and 4th from the bottom – they’re my faves.

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