Rachael & Craig Chester family/engagement photo shoot

Last week I met a beautiful and happy family; Rachael & Craig booked me when Poppy was a wee bump. Now all these months later I got to meet her for the first time and what a cutie she is.

Mixing couple portraits and family photos together we wandered the sunny streets of Chester finding spots to play in. It was such a fun day with a new take on my usual engagement sessions.

Below is a selection of some of my favourite photos.

Enjoy 🙂

VickerstaffPhotography-001 VickerstaffPhotography-002 VickerstaffPhotography-003 VickerstaffPhotography-004 VickerstaffPhotography-005 VickerstaffPhotography-006 VickerstaffPhotography-007 VickerstaffPhotography-008 VickerstaffPhotography-009 VickerstaffPhotography-010 VickerstaffPhotography-011 VickerstaffPhotography-012 VickerstaffPhotography-013 VickerstaffPhotography-014 VickerstaffPhotography-015 VickerstaffPhotography-016 VickerstaffPhotography-017 VickerstaffPhotography-018 VickerstaffPhotography-019 VickerstaffPhotography-020 VickerstaffPhotography-021 VickerstaffPhotography-022 VickerstaffPhotography-023 VickerstaffPhotography-024 VickerstaffPhotography-025 VickerstaffPhotography-026 VickerstaffPhotography-027 VickerstaffPhotography-028 VickerstaffPhotography-029 VickerstaffPhotography-030
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