Rich (2 Poo’s) & Sami Manchester pre wedding portraits

These two are my friends a friendship mainly based on insults; so when Plops texted me asking if I knew any good photographers I sent him a big list…… not realising he meant me.

It’s always an honour when friends or family choose me to photograph them, but it is also added pressure!

We met in Manchester’s Piccadilly station and made our way to Reds where we’d finish with lots of meat and beer. We had planned to do a few shots in there as there are some awesome spots but the draw of various meats was too much and we ate instead.

I’d never say Plops (the Patrick Swayze lookalike Angel from Buffy wannabe) was a good looking fella, and when Sami can hold a look for a second or two these two really do scrub up well.  Their wedding should be a blast; for no small part because I also get to drink!

Hope you enjoy looking through the small selection of images below.

Vickerstaff Photography-001
Vickerstaff Photography-002Vickerstaff Photography-003Vickerstaff Photography-004Vickerstaff Photography-005Vickerstaff Photography-006Vickerstaff Photography-008Vickerstaff Photography-010Vickerstaff Photography-012Vickerstaff Photography-013Vickerstaff Photography-014Vickerstaff Photography-015Vickerstaff Photography-016Vickerstaff Photography-017Vickerstaff Photography-018Vickerstaff Photography-021Vickerstaff Photography-022Vickerstaff Photography-023Vickerstaff Photography-024Vickerstaff Photography-025Vickerstaff Photography-026Vickerstaff Photography-027Vickerstaff Photography-028Vickerstaff Photography-029Vickerstaff Photography-030Vickerstaff Photography-031Vickerstaff Photography-032Vickerstaff Photography-033Vickerstaff Photography-034Vickerstaff Photography-035


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