Travel documentary photography in Hanoi Vietnam by Vickerstaff Photography

South East Asia Documentary travel photography – T & J

I know I know, it’s basically my holiday photos but after asking on Facebook if anyone would actually be interested in seeing them there was a pretty positive response so here they are. We will however refer to them as documentary travel photos, sounds more professional don’t you think?

All of my life I’ve wanted to travel and see what the world has to offer, by last year the furthest I’ve managed to get is Germany; don’t get me wrong I love Germany but it’s hardly another world. So this year to celebrate Tory turning the milestone big Three Zero and me turning a paltry forty we made plans to finally see some of world.

We decided on South East Asia; Thailand & Vietnam to be specific. We landed in Phuket (hahahaa) spent the night before heading to Phi Phi island which to me was nice but waaaaaaaay too touristy, it’s an island in the middle of nowhere and there’s a fecking McDonalds, but it was about relaxing and eating; which we did in spades.

After 5 days of chilling we went to Vietnam, landing in Saigon in time for New Years and slowly traveling North via Da Nang, Nha Trang & finishing in Hanoi. I wont prattle on anymore I hope you enjoy my travel photos.


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