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Wedding Photography: Charlotte & Scott at The Moor Suite, Stockport, Manchester

I first met Charlotte and Scott on the wedding day itself  as they both live in  Scotland. Charlotte’s mum was left in charge to organise the day and booking me was one of those tasks. I had already shot Sandra’s nephew’s wedding the year prior and it was great to see Sieande and Lee again at the wedding.

Scott was looking good in his family’s tartan dressed to the nines in his kilt and sporran along with his groomsmen. The first shoot of the day finished with Scott and the guys picking up Scott’s son Connor and throwing him around in the air outside St. Matthews Church; making for some great facial expressions and photos.

Charlotte was in great spirits upon arriving in a gold Rolls Royce, I knew she was going to be great to work with from the start; playing up to her guests, bridesmaids and the camera. Time was limited so photos restricted I followed the wedding party, capturing Charlotte with her father Steve, arm in arm just as they reached the piper, whom Sandra had ordered as a surprise for Scott.

Once again I was banished to the back of the church by the priest but with free reign to wander around a little which you generally cannot do when situated at the front. I made the most of the wonderful architecture and the 130 guests!

If you have so many guests expect to get covered in a lot of confetti and I mean a lot of confetti! It was more of a pincer movement that turned into surrounded on all sides, Charlotte taking the brunt of it and even crouching down to let the little ones have their go she was literally covered from head to toe.

The reception (at The Moor Suite) was an ode to Charlie and the chocolate factory, very original and very fitting for such a lively couple. The tables named after characters from the book and decorated with huge sweets with even a sweetie bar; I would say for the children but the adults looked just as eager!

Vickerstaff Photography  Cheshire and the North West wedding photographer. All copyrights reserved 2011
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