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Personal Photography- France Trip summer of 2010

I wouldn’t want to just inundate you with wedding and pre-wedding shoots so I thought I would just add a few photos from my trip to France in the summer. I was lucky enough to find a 10 day window in a very busy summer so my girlfriend and I with my camera in hand legged it to France for a much needed holiday.

My girlfriends parents both work at a boarding school in Ireland so when the summer rolls round they head over for the whole summer and very kindly invited us to join them for a while. Torys father is very interested in the first and second world wars and visits the Somme and the surrounding areas during the remembrance period.

Unfortunately for Alf after 15 years of visiting so many cemeteries, memorials, battlefields, churches and museums he doesn’t have the greatest collection of photos so I made it my mission to capture him some images that he would, hopefully, be happy to put up on his wall.

So we set off on a 3 hour trek around the battle fields where numerous memorials are placed where certain devisions fought and lost thousands of men. It was difficult to picture such atrocities when it was so peaceful. The sun was always beating down on us and filling the area with beautiful light and tranquility.

I do not get to do too much landscape work so I was biting at the bit to get to it, despite the sunlight, I prefer the black and white pictures using a red filter to make the sky really dramatic and giving the land its tranquil and detailed look, the exact opposite no doubt, to nearly a hundred years ago.

The remembrance for the beginning of the battle of the Somme is held at the Thiepval memorial which has the names of 75 thousand men whose bodies were never found written on all sides. It is the biggest memorial and an amazing and touching sight.

I could write paragraphs on the trip and the experience but I feel I would lose some of you and bore the rest so I will leave you with a few of the photos. Please feel free to leave some comments, I also have a lot more on my Flickr site in the ‘Other photo’s’ section.


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