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Wedding Photography: Helen & Nick at The Racquet Club, Liverpool

I had been looking forward to Helen and Nick’s wedding for some time, Helen was a bridesmaid at her own bridesmaid’s (Kirsty) wedding last year, and after seeing Kirsty’s photos subsequently recommended me to all her friends and I received a number of bookings, all before shooting her wedding! The pressure was on and I relished the challenge to do her the justice she deserved.

The day started at Helen’s parents house for the bridal preparations, it was a slight case of deja vu with Kirsty there (as a bridesmaid this time) and her make up artist. There was a lot of emotion in the room; Helen sported a wonderful smile that I took great delight in capturing and then tears of joy as the flowers arrived and seeing Stanley her father in his suit for the first time. All of which was stemmed to stop make-up running!

With the perilous journey from Warrington to Liverpool, I had to leave with ample time for parking in a busy town centre so left the ladies to their bacon rolls and Champagne and rushed to town. I found Nick in his usual good spirits and ready to marry his beautiful bride.

The ceremony was  wonderful, light, bright, relaxed, emotional and beautiful; making for the start of an incredible day.

If you don’t know the Racquet Club; it is opposite the Atlantic Tower Hotel and a stones throw from The Liver Building on the Mersey, so it was a little blustery to say the least. When we went to the church next door for the group shots, unfortunately we only managed to get the large group photo taken before the wind became too disruptive and we had to retreat to the safety of the the Racquet Club. But Helen and Nick were great sports and were more than willing, if not adamant, we were going back outside for some portrait shots. There are so so so many places, nooks, crannies and back drops for pictures as you would expect around the docks in Liverpool that we could have stayed out all night! Regrettably the rain had other plans and trapped us in an alley until Nick called for back up! Ten minutes later and after few more shots in the bag (well you have to make the most of it!) we were safe and dry and the happy couple were free to mingle and enjoy their joyous occasion.

I hope you enjoy the photos and look forward to reading your comments.


Vickerstaff Photography  Cheshire and the North West wedding photographer. All copyrights reserved 2011.
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