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Wedding Photography: Jucinta & Jason at the Grosvenor Pulford, Cheshire

Jucinta had the right idea from the start; upon arrival to the Grosvenor Pulford I found Jucinta and the girls surrounded by breakfast trays and bottles of Bucksfizz and Champagne. Nerves where no where in sight despite Jasons bestman’s wife having fallen and broken her leg that morning! The atmosphere was just right to get on with photographing the detail shots and some natural shots of the girls enjoying the morning.

I had to leave the ladies to finish off getting ready without a man with a camera in the way so I headed over to the guys to get the rings. I really love the autumn weather with its array of colours; so jumped at the chance to use the fallen leaves to cup the rings in a few close up shots.

Before we knew it the ceremony was upon us so I got a few pictures with Jucinta and her bridesmaids and parents and a lovely shot of Jucinta on her own, by now the nerves were shaking a little as the big moment was due any minute so I left them to it for a bit because who needs a camera in your face at a time like this!

The ceremony went without a hitch I am pleased to say, nerves soon made way for joy and happiness. I don’t like to bother the couple straight after the ceremony so left them to enjoy their guests congratulations, hugs and kisses. Unfortunately though I can not keep out the way all day and had to take over briefly for the group shots which then lead to 20 minutes with the happy couple in the beautiful autumn light.

I had the pleasure of staying until the first dance which gave me the opportunity to have a second shoot with Jason and Jucinta after their wedding breakfast, they were fantastic and happy to spend a little extra time with me to take some more shots, so much so the once apprehensive to have his photo taken Jason started to request shots; so I give full credit to Jason for the photos in front of the large mirror (never be afraid to take requests from clients is my motto!)

The first dance came and went as quickly as the day had started, I had the greatest time at Jucinta and Jason’s wedding and wouldn’t want to have spent Halloween anywhere else.

I wish them all the best and hope the future goes as well as their first day as husband and wife!!

I hope you enjoy looking through some of their photos, please feel free to leave any comments you may have.

Vickerstaff Photography  Cheshire and the North West wedding photographer. All copyrights reserved 2011.

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