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Wedding Photography of Vicke & Morgan at Tyn-y-capel, North Wales

It is not often I get to go to such a beautiful location let alone two such lovely spots. Vicke was getting ready at her parents house set on the hillside in the valleys of North Wales. And such an organised bride as well! I arrived took the shots of her dress which was hanging on a home made stand so as not to wrinkle her unique, and to Morgans surprise, a beautiful red dress. It seemed like only moments had passed and Vicke was in the dress and we were all outside taking some portrait shots with the valley making for a wonderful back drop.

Only a short drive away was St Mary’s church with the Tyn-y-capel pub literally only a stones throw away for the wedding breakfast. Morgan and his groom’s men were at the church to greet me and were more than happy for some pre-wedding shots. The unique church is in a cross formation without the usual isle down the middle. The priest being a very nice and accommodating man advised me on the best location to shoot in such a unique venue and I am pleased he did as I was able to capture the shot of Morgan looking up at the priest. It is not often a wedding photographer is allowed to capture images from the front of the church; we are usually banished to the furthest regions armed with telephoto lenses! So I reveled in the opportunity.

After the ceremony the guests enjoyed throwing copious amounts of confetti at the happy couple. They then proceeded to go over the road to the Tyn-y-capel where the setting cannot be any more fantastic:  set within the valley and surrounded on all sides by hills and greenery. What more could you ask for? – A setting to shoot the group shots and the new couple’s portrait shots, I must say I was in my element and was as happy as a child in a sweet shop.

Vicke and Morgan are obviously very much in love with each other and this shows in their wedding pictures together; I only had to point the camera and shoot. I wish them all the best in their new life together.

Vickerstaff Photography  Cheshire and the North West wedding photographer. All copyrights reserved 2011.

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